When I saw the children here dancing round the portals, trying to make them work with their chants, I realized I was seeing the future of all the other worlds. Once the ability to make something is lost, then it only takes a generation or two for it to change from science to magic.
In 2408 18-year-old Blaze, a distant ancestor of Jarra (and presumably Tellon Blaze), lives in a small community of about seven hundred rebels and criminals scavenging what is left of New York after most of Humanity has left Earth. She has to navigate power struggles of her distant father and rebel leader Donnell and rebel factions, someone wants her dead and off-worlders crash into their city amidst food shortages.

Over the course of a harsh winter starvation looms large over them, but an even bigger threat is Cage, a psychopath trying to violently take control of the uneasy alliance between Earth Resistance and criminal gangs and turn it into a dictatorship. Once Blaze finds out why the off-worlders came to New York, the stakes become even higher.

Connections to Earth Girl series

Blaze's descendants

Blaze has been stated to be a ancestor of Jarra. Since Tellon Blaze is a later ancestor of Jarra it seems like his family name came from Blaze

Impact of Wallam-Crane Portal Company on Humanity

Main article: Wallam-Crane Portal Company

How the portal network almost failed

This book shows a crucial series of events during Exodus century which saved Humanity from the brink of doom.

Tad came to New York because there was an essential component of all portals that the company had lost the blueprint of and didn't know how to make any more. A prototype of that Rosetta component was located in the Wallam-Crane science museum in Manhattan. Tad managed to figure out how the component could be made by studying it an accessing party of the Earth data net that remained working.

The Betan Fidelis project on Zeus later on presumably succeeded in reverse-engineering all portal components and preventing a total breakdown of the portal network.