Janet Edwards is an English science-fiction author most well known for the portal universe series. This includes both the Scavenger Exodus and Earth Girl series as well as several novellas and short stories. She has also written the Hive Mind and End Game series.

Path to becoming a writer

Edwards read a lot of books as a child, particularly science-fiction and fantasy.

After studying Maths and working on writing technical documents for some years she decided to try writing.

Edwards started her foray into writing by taking a writing class in 2007. Two of the short stories she wrote in the following years won writing competitions while several others made the short lists.

Encouraged by those early successes she wrote two novels which she latter scrapped and did not publish. Her third novel was Earth Girl. [1]

Portal Universe

Earth Girl trilogy

The Earth Girl trilogy is a science fiction series set in a distant future in which Humanity can travel between planets by portal, except for the unlucky few Handicapped whose immune systems can't handle any planet but Earth. The protagonist, Jarra, is one of those few, and she was sent to Earth at birth to save her life but was abandoned by her parents. She can’t travel to other worlds, but she can watch their vids, and she knows all the jokes they make. She’s an “ape,” a “throwback,” but this is one ape girl who won’t give in.

  1. Earth Girl
  2. Earth Star
  3. Earth Flight

Novellas and short stories

Those are listed chronologically and all take place before Earth Girl. They feature

Scavenger Exodus series

Those books take place almost 400 years before Earth Girl in 2408. They follow 18-year-old Blaze, a distant ancestor of Jarra (and presumably Tellon Blaze), who lives in a small community of rebels and criminals scavenging what is left of New York after most of Humanity has left Earth. She has to navigate power struggles of her distant father and rebel leader Donnell and rebel factions, someone wants her dead and off-worlders crash into their city amidst foot shortages

  1. Scavenger Alliance

Hive Mind universe

  1. Telepath
  2. Defender
  3. Hurricane
  • Perilous (prequel novella)

End Game universe

  1. Reaper


  1. An Interview with Janet Edwards. Pauline Morgan. SFcrowsnest. October 28, 2012.