The Carrington event of 2789 was a solar super-storm that suddenly shut down the Earth portal network hours before a normal solar storm was expected, stranding hundreds of Military on Earth's five solar arrays and inducing current in a alien device which signalled a dormant unmanned alien probe to wake up and head towards Earth, later leading to the Alien Contact programme being activated and Fortuna being discovered.


When the solar super-storm was detected, Military personnel on the Earth solar arrays only had five minutes to evacuate. They instead all decided to stay and shut down the arrays so that the planetary power beams would be safely switched off.

This stranded them on the arrays with no means to get to safety other than ships that were never meant to fly in atmosphere or withstand re-entry forces. Under the command of Riak Torrek, materiel such as heat shields was portalled in and ships were hastily upgraded to give them and the people in them a chance to survive reentry.

Each solar array launched a ship, including the one above Earth America. Piloted by Riak himself, Solar 5 crash-landed on New York Dig Site. In a unprecedented rescue effort led by Site Leader Pereth, twenty-four dig teams including Asgard 6 successfully unearthed the ship and extracted all crew members without fatalities.

Dig team members who were injured during this rescue later were awarded the Artemis medal.

Induced current in Alien device